Saturday, September 24, 2011

Donuts Dispair and Disapointment

As you can probably tell by the title of this post it hasn't been the best week on record, and since this is partially my blog I'm going to tell you all about and god dammit your going to listen.  Last weekend Lindsey and I went to Alameda to visit Trav and H.P. and we checked out a donut place up their.  Before we went to eat treats we figured it would be cool to have Trav, my brother, be a guest blogger.  Now, I would like to make an official statement, on the record.  "My brother is a Stinky McStinky pants.  He's so stinky that dogs don't even like to smell him.  He's so stinky that people who pump out you septic tank say "god damn, that's stinky."  He's so stinky that given donut's, coffee and pictures, he can't even write a simple donut blog about how donuts and coffee are awesome as beans."  So, brother, I hope this level of public humiliation will tempt you to stop playing call of duty and blog.  And by the way, that fresh unicorn he's rockin', Lindsey and H.P. drew that on him cause he passed out at like 9:30 after drinking tequila, what a smelly smelly kid.  Oh, and I was in a car accident, a very minor one, but that's not nearly as interesting as Trav's stink.  Enough blubbering about smelly kids, TO THE DONUTS. 
     OK.  Today, 9/24/2011 at about 12: 40, your favorite crime duo advanced upon Dragon Donut 8709 Corbin Ave, Northridge for a second assault on the castle.  I'm sure you remember our last attempt to get donuts from the 24 hour donut place, failure.  But today we were better prepared.  Guns blazing, we kicked in the door and were greeted by a very nice asian gentlemen sporting a blue-tooth earpiece.  Interupting his phone call with the threat of violence, we demanded his service and were soon out the door in posetion of a crumby donut and a apple fritter.  Wait, apple fritter???  Yea, that's right.  And all it cost me was $2.00.
     First impressions:
     1.  another creepy stripmall  7-11, liqueur store, taco place
     2.  your basic array of donuts, in different shapes and sizes of course
     Donut number one, my donut, the crumby donut.  I'm still not sure exactly what the crumb is on a crumb donut, but it's amazing.  This particular crumb donut was glazed and then crumbed so there was tone of crumby topping to enjoy.  And enjoy it I did.  I think I ate it in 3 bites, just an all around beautiful experience, like shooting a gun, zen.
     Donut number two, not really a donut at all, the apple fritter.  I gues it should have bee donut number one and then fritter number one, but I'm very stubborn so I'm not going to change it.  I don't know what possessed Lindsey to get an apple fritter, maybe she's just feeling fruity (snicker snicker)  or something.  HEY, STOP HATING.  It was pretty good.  It was very sweet, and appley, and the dough had a nice little chewiness to it that was just delightful.  Lindsey quote time, "it wasn't very appley, wait, it was a good amount of appley-ness, but it was sweet, and heavy, so sweet and heavy that I could only eat half."  But in reality, folks, she microwaved half and made me eat like two thirds of it.  But it was still tasty.
     So after family tomfoolery, highway hi-jinx, and donut deception, it has been an interesting week.  But on the plus side I am in possession of one job.  yea for me.  So like always
     Tune in next time for another exciting adventure of
     starring Nate (whacky pants) Chester, smelly Trav and wonton master Lindsey
                                                                                                        post brought to you by Nate

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