Sunday, October 2, 2011

mission to the donuts

Nerds, history buffs, and those who can successfully google know that around this date (specifically on October 4th) in 1957 Sputnik, the world's first satellite, was launched into space. To commemorate this moment in history this week we ventured into the unknown territory of Spudnuts at 8225 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Tucked behind El Pollo Loco, Spudnuts was hardly easy to find. But after circling the parking lot and getting distracted by the bouncy castle in the park across the street (which the eight year old children it belonged to did not appreciate) we finally made our way into Spudnuts. Upon entering we were promptly greeted by a tiny woman who truly appreciated my t-shirt: a gem I got at Mainely Meat BBQ in Bar Harbor, ME that read "Real Girls Eat Meat". After talking to this nice lady for about ten minutes about how vegetarianism and veganism seem impossible: a life without chicken tenders? A life without cheese? How is this possible?! We finally made our donut selection: one vanilla frosted and one blueberry filled. We've mixed it up a little this week in honor of our new milestone: we now have three followers! Woo Hoo!
In addition to the donuts, Nate got a small coffee in spite of the fact that Spudnuts only offered the lids of Lucifer. As far as flavor goes, Nate described the coffee as "typical gas station fare", but they did have real milk to put in it so that's something. The vanilla frosted donut was bordering on too sweet, but it was also bordering on perfect vanilla flavor and perfect donut consistency. The blueberry filled was not overly sweet, as I sometimes find filled donuts to be. It did have canned blueberry filling, which I tend to oppose on principle at least. But it was also fluffy and delicious (aren't most donuts?). The two donuts, and small coffee cost $3.10. Not the cheapest we've gotten, but not too expensive either. They have a buy 5 donuts, get the 6th free deal, but we don't have enough friends to share them with yet/we're not that fat yet. All and all I can say with confidence we'll be returning to the depths of Topanga Canyon Boulevard to conduct more donut research. Until then: happy eating!
- Lindsey

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  1. You might enjoy trying some other Spudnut shops :-)