Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nothing More American Than Donuts

It seems we've been slacking on our donut consumption lately so this week we ate an excessive amount of donuts, made ourselves ill from sugar overload and then had to take a break from eating donuts. But after that little binge we ventured out to USA Donuts at 7041 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
USA Donuts is conveniently nestled in the same plaza as Red Hot Video and Brake Masters so you can grab donuts, coffee, porn, and get your car fixed all in one place. Pretty magical.
The store itself was pretty standard, however, it did have an espresso machine, and offered real cappuccinos, unlike most donut shops that boast cappuccinos and just have that sludge that comes out of a sack. Plus it offered an option of coffee lids: those of Beelzebub and normal American lids. Nate chose the latter for his small coffee, which was fairly standard in taste and temperature, the likes of which might be found at any gas station in the USA.
As for donuts Nate opted to get a crumb topped one, which he seems to consistently order just to have the opportunity to call the donuts of whatever donut shop we happen to be in crumby. I, on the other hand, decided to mix it up a little and get a crunchy oddly shaped chocolate frosted one (I'm sure this is not what the shop owners would call it, but it works for me). The crumby donut was a bit sweet for Nate, it had been glazed and then crumbed, but my chocolate frosted weirdo was delicious. Just the right amount of chocolate paired with a firm exterior that housed a soft and moist interior (now this is starting to get pornographic. My apologies). The coffee and donuts cost $2.60 all together and with a name like USA Donuts it'd be unpatriotic for us not to patronize them again.
Until next blog: Happy Donuting!
- Lindsey