Tuesday, September 6, 2011

luvin' my donuts right around the corner

Hello again faithful followers of the one true almighty, THE DONUT LORD; keeper of pastry, giver of frosting, and the everlasting creator or sprinkles.  Once again we have traveled to lands previously undiscovered to find another sacred temple of the donut.  This time, we went around the corner to Yum-Yum Donuts at 20129 Vanowen St.  Not surprisingly, this donut shop is also located in a strip mall right next to a liquor store, and so on a balmy Monday afternoon we decided to get some treats on way to target, again, and emerged with 1 coffee and 2 donuts, a chocolate frosted custard donut and a regular chocolate frosted donut with coconut, for a total of $2.70.
     Lindsey's custard (or boston creme??) was quite delicious, according to her, with just a couple disappointing mentions: uneven custard distribution and an odd presence of maple flavor, but if you ask me, maple flavor shouldn't count against anything.  However, even taking into account the lopsided filling she still happily described her donut as "big, moist, soft and sweet.  An overall YUMMMMMM!"  My choice, and I believe the correct one, was the chocolate frosted with coconut.  Now, as far as I'm concerned, one can never go wrong with coconut and once again I prove myself right, again.  Simply amazing, just like making out with Jesus, literally.  That might have been taking it a little too far, but being the stubborn man that I am, I refuse to retract my statement.  Next, to the coffee.  I believe that this is one of the better cups that I've had in my donut chasing experience thus far.  Now you might be saying, "NATE, there was only non dairy creamer, and the official lids of Beelzebub, how can you condone coffee under these circumstances."  Well, your probably right, BUT I DON'T CARE, it was good anyway.
     Wow, have you noticed that these posts of mine are getting longer and longer, cause I think they have been... but if you have a problem with that you can feel free to send any and all complaints to donutswithnateandlindsey@gmail.com where I can read them and laugh, and then not send you a birthday card.  So thanks for watching and be sure to tune in next time for ADVENTURES IN COFFEE AND DONUTS WITH NATE AND LINDSEY. 
                                                                                                          -Nate Chester

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  1. I like how the fonts shrink and then enlarge again in this post.