Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Donut Dynasty

The 3rd floor of The Petersen Museum
 is kid friendly & Lindsey approved
Proof we went to Disney
Well, it seems it's been quite a while since our last donut shop visit, but it actually hasn't. We've just been VERY busy *cough, cough, lazy, cough*. We took advantage of LA's Discover The Arts program (a discounted ticket program to select museums from January - April) and went to The Petersen Automotive Museum, which was pretty awesome even for someone whose only interest in cars is that hers be able to get her to and from wherever she wants to go safely. We also utilized Disneyland's promotional two days for $99 tickets and went to Disneyland, which was very different for us as adults than it was when we were kids. I think we probably enjoyed it at least ten times more this time around than we did when we were younger (for me that was at the age of eleven, and Nate was probably four the last time he went to visit Mickey). We ventured back to Connecticut for a week, we had a friend visit from back home, and we competed in The Second Annual LA Beard and Mustache Competition. That's right I said WE because this year they added a women's category. Did I grow in my upper lip fuzz and rock it like a proud thirteen year old boy? Nope. I knitted a Medusa inspired beard.

Matching beards. Sort of. 
Did we win? Heck no, but we did have a pretty amazing time nonetheless, and we did walk away with some pretty sweet photos, which will hopefully jog our memories when we're old and wrinkly and suffering from dementia, but only time will tell on that one. So when did we get donuts during these whirlwind adventures? Before, actually. Months ago. And I was charged with writing a blog about it and kept procrastinating. Good thing I take notes on our foodie escapades or else we might have never been able to share with the world the tale of Royal Donuts.

Royal Donuts is located at 22814 Victory Blvd. in Woodland Hills and is right on the way to Homegoods (our all time favorite store for obvious reasons to anyone who has stepped inside). On this particular trip to The Goods (as I will now call Homegoods) I was starving (as I usually am about an hour after any meal - seriously I may have a tapeworm or some other horrible ailment like internalized obesity. I swear it's a real thing) so we decided to swing into Royal Donuts. The shop was manned by a friendly fellow whose accent I had difficulty understanding so it's a good thing the language of food is universal. We selected a chocolate frosted donut, and a lemon filled donut and the fellow gave us two donut holes as a gift (see what I mean by friendly). Nate also got a coffee, which was not the worst, but not the best that he's had (so somewhere between oh-my-god-I-think-I-may-vomit and orgasmic).

The donuts were soft and tasty. However, I've decided I'm not too hot on that weird lemon goo they claim is made with fresh fruit, but Royal Donuts is hardly to blame. I was craving a lemon meringue pie and settled for a lemon donut, which is not at all the same thing. The donut holes were awesome (this may have been because they were free, or because I was, as mentioned before, starving).

Until next time, happy eating!
- Lindsey

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