Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hail to the king baby

SHAZAM   again I would like to apologize for our inconsistency and pure laziness, but you should all be used to it by now.  So let me start as I always do by filling you in on life, I'll try not to take too long cause I know you just can't wait to get to the donut part.
      We can skip right to the part were my brother and his girlfriend, Trav and H.P., came down for the weekend.  Having recently acquired a perfectly legal S&W 9mm they brought it down so we could have some fun, Chester style.  We began with a hiking adventure reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe, I won't bother to explain the comparison.  Nothing says fun like scrabbling around in a big ol' cave.  We had to wear gloves because the cave was home to a sizable pigeon population and cleanliness was NOT a high priority pigeon goal.

     After a quick trip home to the shower our next stop was the Glendale Gun show.  Damn, DAMN.  To think that there are enough accessories for the cold M4 rifle to fit on three tables might sound ludicrous, but it's real my friends, it's real.  There were forests of mace and stun guns ripe for the picking.  A lake of ammunition that stretched as far as the eye can see, and a table of battle rifles in the fourth isle on the right.  Talk about building a Christmas list, ho ho ho.
     After the gun show it was off to the shooting range to put the Smith and Wesson reputation to the ultimate test....THE PINK STUFFED BUNNY OF DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!  We also rented a 40 cal Glock22.  It probably took us the better part of 100 rounds to separate the beasts head from its loathsome body.  In the end humanity was saved once again by America.  ...wait.  In the end humanity was saved once again by the fearsome foursome, and a full metal jacket.

     And so we come to today where Lindsey and I find ourselves at King Donut, 9878 De Soto Ave.  Be careful though, remember that King Donut is on the right side of the intersection where Fosters is across the street.  We were greeted bye a very nice Asian man who complimented my beard so I loved him right off.  And came away with two donuts, a coffee and an inflated ego.  Lindsey deemed it necessary to eat her chocolate covered stick donut right away cause she was hungry.  We both gave it a thumbs up.  It was nice cause it wasn't to sweet while sti- wait.  It occurred to me that you guys read almost the same longwinded descriptions of flavor and consistency from me all the time.  SO IT'S TIME FOR YOUR VOICES TO BE HEARD!!  Just post a comment on whether you want to hear long winded descriptions or if you would just like to hear if it was good or bad.   That's your homework, due whenever.  Anyway, I had a crumb donut.  I had a small coffee.  They were both delicious.  The End
L.A. Edition
brought to you by Nate Chester, this week at least

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