Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GRAB YOUR PASPORT BITCH!!!!!.....'cause we're goin to France

I'd personally like to apologize to everyone of you nice people who take the time to follow all of our zany delicious adventures in super amazing fatitude. We are lazy. you're probably thinking, "how can you two be so lazy that you can't even take the time to eat donuts, drink coffee and then write about it?" Well you know what, as human beings we have to make priorities in life. Sometimes it's more important to watch the original Law and Order from start to finish than it is to eat donuts and be fat. So that is our pathetic excuse. Granted we haven't really finished Law and Order yet, we might be half way through, but none of that matters anymore because you've already forgiven us. And now on to paragraph two.

I'm sure you're wondering about the title so I'll just come out and tell you. We flew across the Atlantic to get delicious yums at France Donuts.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you people are so gullible sometimes, but that's why we love you. And I would also like to add that we love Lindsey for knowing how to mess around with pictures and stuff. France donuts is actually right down Sherman Way, just a couple blocks east of Canooga Blvd. It's not really very France at all either. I mean, there's no berets, no cigarette holders, no funny accents, the only thing they have goin for them is croissants, and those usually come with bacon egg and cheese. But the donuts and coffee...they deserve their own paragraph.

This time around we scooped up a couple of mini-donuts, one strawberry frosted sprinkley thing, Lindsey's, and a brownish maple frosty circle cake, donut. The pink frosty sprinkle thing was pretty good, or would have been if it was a plain frosted donut. You see, the real problem was that the sprinkley strawberry frosting just didn't have enough strawberry flavor to be picked up on after the donut and plain sugar flavors smash you in the mouth with a hammer. I mean, don't get me
wrong, it was a really good donut, just not a good strawberry donut. The Maple one, on the other hand, made a really good maple donut. The great thing about it was that when you when you sink your teeth into its doughy goodness and break through to its vacuous empty center, your mouth is assaulted by the euphoric flavor of maple, delicious maple, mmmmmmmmmmmm. The coffee, nothing really surprising, a good cup of cheap coffee, but with a lid that doesn't make me want to destroy the very universe.

Sorry folks, no drawn out goodbyes this time, we still have about eight seasons of Law and Order to get through and dinner to eat. So, thanks for watching and...TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR ANOTHER EXCITING, NAIL BITING, EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, TIP OF YOUR TONGUE, FAST PACED, ACTION PACKED, HARD DRIVING, TOUGH DEALING, SHOOT EM' UP EPISODE OF DONUTS WITH NATE AND LINDSEY
Love and nomins
Nate "rocket pants" Chester

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  1. You guys are nutty bars for sure...... "vacuous empty center".?!?!?!?!?Bahahahahahaha. love this...made my morning. Think I'll go out and.....buy a donut!!!!!!!!