Monday, December 19, 2011

Donuts in the Blink of an Eye

For the past few weeks, that's right: weeks, we've been trying to get to Blinkie's Donut Emporium at 4884-86 Topanga Cyn Blvd in Woodland Hills. However, Blinkie's is only open from 5 am until noon on the weekends, and getting up, showered, and out the door before noon is not as easy as it should be for two adults who don't go out anymore and generally fall asleep on the couch during an intense "Law & Order: SVU" marathon. But this past weekend we actually managed to get up early (at 11 a.m.) and make it to Blinkie's before the closed (at 11:45 a.m. - we skipped showering just to ensure we wouldn't miss out on more delightful donuts).
As we entered we were yelled at by the woman behind the counter with so many words I haven't heard in such a long time that I was nearly too overwhelmed to respond. I know what you're thinking: who does that? And why? The answers are: really friendly people and because they're excited to see new faces. We were showered with "Baby Boy", "Honey", "Love" and a few more cutsie terms I dare not type for fear of nauseating myself with too much sweetness.
But, I'm getting off track: on to the donuts!
I got a chocolate frosted one with toasted coconut and Nate scooped up a maple frosted donut and a medium coffee all for $3.45. Both donuts were moist and tasty, as donuts should be. The chocolate frosted one was not as chocolatey as I would have liked, but the crunchy coconutty topping more than compensated for that. The maple one was maplescious and not overly sweet. The coffee was also above average (and for those of you who, like me, prefer lattes, or "fancy" coffee there is a Starbucks right across the street from Blinkie's).
And for all our Jewish friends for whom Hanukkah is starting tomorrow Blinkie's makes Hanukkah Jelly donuts. We didn't try them and we're not sure what makes them good for Hanukkah (other than the powdered star of David), but if they're anything like the other donuts they're pretty damn good.
Happy Holidays!
- Lindsey

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