Tuesday, August 23, 2011

more deliciouseness in donutland, USA

    On a hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon, that's 8/23/2011 for those of who who actually like detail, two road weary travelers, Nate and Lindsey, decided to rest their sore feet in Jolly Donuts, 7249 Topanga Canyon Blvd., for a donut, some coffee and a little surprise. 
     The inside of Jolly's was delightfully clean and appealing, and we were greeted with a smile as we slid up to the counter.  After a quick order and exchange of money we were on our way to a corner table with two donuts, a small coffee and, are you ready for the surprise, a small Dr. Pepper.  Exciting, isn't it?  First for the coffee.  DELICIOUS, if you don't mind cold non-dairy creamer.  The only downside is that the only lids they had were the one's that you have to kind of push down with your teeth while you drink, obviously created by Satan.  Anyway, TO THE DONUTS!!  We got a chocolate with chocolate frosting and coconut on top, "tasty and chocolatey in donut and frosting alike, kind of like a mounds bar, but inside out."  Exact quote from Lindsey.  The next was a peanut butter frosted donut with little chocolate chips on the top, sooo good.  Not too firm and not too soft, just in that happy middle ground of tastiness.  and you can never go wrong with the peanut butter and chocolate combo.  Now for the bad news part, not really.  Lindsey, sadly enough, made a mistake in ordering the Dr. Pepper for while it was very hot outside and the cold drink did feel good going down, the Dr. Pepper  flavor didn't do any favors to the donut flavors and vice versa.  But like I said, it was nothing negative on the part of the Dr. Pepper or the donut, just a momentary lapse in the judgment of your friendly neighborhood donut bloggers.  Anyway, Jolly Donuts, 7249 Topanga Canyon Blvd., great donuts, great coffee and, OH YEA, great price.  Only ended up spending $3.30  can't go wrong with that.
- Nate
     Tune in next time for ADVENTURES IN DONUTS AND COFFEE, starring Nate and Lindsey

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