Monday, August 8, 2011

the beginning of the adventure

Welcome to our adventures finding donut places around L.A.  We came out here from CT and discovered, to our amazement, a plethora of donut shops.  We are foodies at heart and figured it was only the right thing to find and try the coffee and donuts at all of them.  So, for all of you who like coffee, donuts, and food as much as we do, ENJOY.

We started at Miss Donuts at 18231 Sherman Way.  Nothing fancy from the outside, just a store front in a strip mall, but inside we were greeted with a rack of tasty treats to tempt the taste buds.  We picked up two donuts, coconut and chocolate covered, and a small coffee for $2.70.  The coconut was glazed with just the right amount of shredded coconut on the top, more than enough to satisfy your coco-craving.  The chocolate was unglazed, not a bad thing, and the chocolate frosting was nice and light, giving more than enough flavor to excite your mouth without covering up the donut beneath it.  The donuts were really good, light and fluffy while still having enough substance to make you satisfied.  The coffee was slightly more than decent even though all they had was non-dairy creamer.  But all things considered, for the price your paying you get a great donut and a good cup of coffee with almost no wait.
- Nate

  Stay tuned for the next dramatic episode of :
Starring Nate and Lindsey

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